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Succulent Pillows

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Anthurium Clarinervium Pillow

Vevelty & Plush

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Monstera Leaf Pillows

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Palm Rug

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Our (Green) Philosophy

It’s not easy bein’ green – but it’s easy to see why green is so important. It’s the color of nature, life, abundance, freshness, and safety. And studies have shown that being surrounded by plants and nature can even help you relax and get inspired!

At Green Philosophy Co., we’re all about bringing the natural world indoors through plant-inspired décor. The products we’ve designed will help make your interior space feel both comfortable and stylish. Better yet, your friends and family don’t have to be green with envy – our designs make perfect gifts, too.


Cuddly Pillows

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Creative Decor

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Rooted In Nature

Each and every Green Philosophy Co. design is inspired by a specific plant.

A Natural Gift

Looking for a gift for the plant lover in your life? Look no further – they’ll be delighted by our unique, fun designs.

Second-Nature Design

Our designs let you showcase your love of nature while fitting right into your home, dorm room, office, or any other interior space.